Spring Ready with Innisfree 2021 Jeju Color Picker Camellia Collection [Review + Swatches]

*screams* The new Innisfree Jeju Color Picker Camellia Collection is finally arriving in Singapore this March. I’ve been waiting for the arrival of this collection since I saw it on the official Innisfree Instagram. My eyes were set on the new blushers and eyeshadow palette. 

I’m sure Innisfree doesn’t need any introductions since it is one of the biggest Korean beauty brands. The 2021 Jeju Color Picker is their seventh edition and this collection highlights the captivating warm hues of reds and pink, inspired by Camellia flowers. Camellia represents love and devotion, a widely regarded symbol of loyalty between lovers in Korea.

Let’s dive straight into the review. 

Camellia Blooming Blusher

Price: SGD$24

The product that I’ve been most excited about: the blooming blushers. The flower design brings me back to 2019 when Etude House launched their blossom seriesIt’s going to take me extra effort not to destroy the design, but yes, I am a sucker for designs like this. 

Innisfree claims that these have a unique texture and they are absolutely right to say that. I can’t think of a blush that has a similar texture despite having tried out so many. I was fascinated that these are jelly-type blushers because they don’t appear to have a jelly texture. But after trying them out, I started playing around. These blushers are as soft and delicate as a flower.

There are two shades for the Blooming Blush. They are seamlessly buildable with a brush, but not as pigmented as I had expected. The Red Camellia is not as bold as it looks, but it gives a nice and surprisingly pink finish. The Pink Camellia, on the other hand, is too light for my skin tone. 

Camellia Eye Palette

Price: SGD$37

I love the packaging. I know many brands do this, but I appreciate when brands allow me to catch a glimpse of the shades without opening the palette. Plus, the case feels pretty sturdy. 

Aesthetics aside, this nine shade palette contains brown and pink tones which are perfect for an everyday look. The lovely shimmers are also great for that pop of color in the centre of your lids. I have fallen in love with the shade Camellia Stain because it’s a stunning gold to use for highlightsIf you’re not overly-adventurous (like me), this palette will become your go-to. 

Camellia Relief Lip Oil

Price: SGD$17

I’ve grown an obsession with Innisfree’s lip balms because they have been major lip savers. Did that make me hold high expectations for their lip oil? Yes.  

This is my first time trying out their lip oil and I am pretty impressed. Though it looks thick in the bottle, it’s not heavy or thick when applied. It sinks nicely into my lips, giving a sheer pink tint that could make it pass off as a lip gloss. A layer is all I needed for my dry lips. It comes in a perfect size for your makeup bag which would come in handy when your lips need some saving. 

*This lip oil is only available at physical stores. 

Camellia Petal Tint

Price: SGD$17

This collection includes three new lip tints that have a soft, matte finish. 

These glide effortlessly and sit comfortably on my lips. The texture reminds me of their Cotton Vivid Ink Tints. But formulated with camellia oil, these petal tints provide that extra benefit of moisturising your lips.

My favourite shade is the Camellia Beige because it’s a flattering MLBB shade. I’d typically go for “safe” colours because it’s a great option for any occasion. I’d combine both Camellia Beige and Camellia Brick to achieve that gradient lip look. 
Overall:Although I was most excited for the blushers, I ended up liking the palette and lip oil the most.     I can see myself using these two the most, so they would be the most value for money for me. 
Thanks for reading and hope this was useful!

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*Disclaimer: These were given by TheGoodFolks. However, opinions stated are my own. 

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Cosrx Pure Fit Cica Collection Review

The Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream is a long-standing favourite of mine. It is my go-to for blemishes, especially stubborn acne scars, and it ignited my love for Centella Asiatica. But my interest was instantly piqued by their new cica collection after seeing that it is supposed to an improved version. Could they make the blemish cream better than what it already was? 

Today, I’m reviewing the Cosrx Pure Fit Cica Collection as part of the StyleKorean Try Me Review Me Event. This collection sounds highly promising, especially with the high amounts of Cica formulated into the products. Cica, also known as Centella Asiatica, is well-known for soothing and healing irritated skin. I’m a fan of using Centella products when dealing with inflamed skin and blemishes. 

Since the new Cica Collection has quadrupled the amount of Centella Asiatica as compared to the original, could this be the ultimate skin-calming pack? Let’s dive right into the review.  

Pure Fit Cica Cleanser

I haven’t had good experiences with Cosrx’s cleansers, so I didn’t know what to expect from this cleanser. 

For a positive start, the brand claims that this is a low pH cleanser. It is iridescent and creamy and has a medicinal scent with subtle hints of mint (to me at least). Perhaps this scent resulted from the Eucalyptus Leaf Oil. The cleanser was gentle and definitely did not feel like it was stripping my skin, but I did feel a slight stinging sensation after my first try. However, compared to my other experiences with Cosrx cleansers, this is an improvement. Yet, compared to my daily cleansers, I’m not a fan of the stinging. 

My skin was fine until I introduced this cleanser to my routine. So fun fact: I started using this cleanser a week after trying out the rest of the Pure Fit collection. A day after I used it, I broke out. But after giving it a few more chances, I broke out even more. As I’ve said, I don’t have good experiences with Cosrx cleansers. Someone suggested that it might be purging, but I doubt it is because I am a regular user of acids (particularly salicylic acid).

Though this cleanser contains 7 Centella-based complexes, Cosrx did not include the percentage of Centella in this product, unlike their other products in the same collection. For a further breakdown of ingredients, click here. 

Pure Fit Cica Toner

This toner helps to calm the skin and reinforce the skin’s barrier. 

I love the small chubby packaging this comes in. Use this after cleansing your face. Toners are great because they help your skin absorb the subsequent products better. This is a lightweight and watery toner that absorbs quickly onto the skin. If you’re new to toners, this toner makes a decent option. 

Pure Fit Cica Pads

These pads serve a dual function of a toner pad and sheet mask. The best part: this contains 83.2% of Centella Asiatica. 

They were definitely generous with the amount of essence used in these pads, making it a little messy. The pads are soft, thin and pretty distinct from their popular one-step pimple pads. Each pad is loaded with essence and delivers instant hydration to the skin. If you’re torn between getting the toner or these pads, I’d recommend these Cica pads. These are more value for money, especially since they have a higher concentration of Centella.

My only complaint is that it’s difficult to separate the pads because they are thin and the essence is heavy. To improve this, they could provide some tweezers. 

Pure Fit Cica Serum

This serum received the Allure’s editor pick award in 2020. 

With Centella Asiatica as the first ingredient, this serum is loaded with 71.6% of Cica. I haven’t seen a product with that much Centella apart from the iUNIK Centella Calming Gel. In terms of application, there’s nothing particularly unique about it. This is a translucent serum with a texture similar to many other serums in the market. But, the high levels of Centella Asiatica has won my heart. 

Pure Fit Cica Sheet Mask

Can we take a moment to appreciate the packing? I love it.

This mask is perfect for that after-work pamper session. It works well in calming and soothing the skin.The only big downside for this product is the price. Each mask damages the wallet by USD6, which is expensive compared to other masks. For better value, I’d recommend the Pure Fit Cica Pads over this since the pads work as a mask as well. 

Pure Fit Cica Cream

In my previous Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream review, I mentioned that having a different packaging to reduce contamination would have been so much better. Honestly, I am so happy that this Pure Fit Cream came in a squeezy tube.

The two creams are very different, but I will save the comparisons for an in-depth K-beauty battle. 

I’d prefer calling this a gel as opposed to cream because of its texture. I find that creams tend to be on the oilier and heavier side. However, this Pure Fit Cica Cream is lightweight and leaves no oily residue. It is translucent and applies easily, making it a good morning moisturiser option. 

Pure Fit Cica Powder

This concept of using a powder is not new. The first time I tried out a powder skincare product was from T’iam. These products are the ones you’ll see have corn starch formulated in them. Corn starch on my skin? Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Especially if you rarely see corn starch in skincare. According to my dear skincare expert, Paula’s choice: cornstarch has a pretty good rating and is used to thicken skincare or absorb excess oils.

Using this product can get messy since there is little control in getting the product out. But, let’s answer the question: Is this product necessary? Well…If you’re getting the entire Pure Fit Cica collection, I’d say it’s a definite no. However, if you’re only getting one or two products, or if you’d like a higher concentration of Cica in your products, then yes. 


Using the whole collection for my skincare routine was delightful. It felt like I was giving my skin a treat. 

If I had to pick favourites, it would be the  Pure Fit Cica Pads, Serum and Cream. Yes, although I love the original Centella Blemish Cream, this substitutes as a morning option since it is translucent and non-oily. Moreover, these three products have Centella Asiatica as their first ingredient which I think is great since Centella Asiatica is their selling point for this collection.

This collection is not only useful for facial application. I’ve been using the serum and cream to calm random inflammations on my arms (there’s something in my room that’s triggering my skin). I guess it’s safe to say that these work really well.

Thanks for reading. 

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*Disclaimer: These were given as part of the StyleKorean TMRM event, however, all opinions stated are my own. 

New to skincare? Here’s What You Need To Get Started + My Skincare Tips

Let’s face it: the beauty industry is constantly growing which can be pretty intimidating for beginners. The regular release of new products have saturated the market and there are so many claims out there of what you should and should not do. 

A recent interaction with my friend inspired this post. She’s not really new to skincare but she was lost at what she actually needs. This reminded me of my secondary school days when I started worrying about skincare. I am not a skincare expert but I’ve been passionate about beauty products for a long time. Over the years, I’ve learned what works for my skin. Of course, I’ve also committed so many skincare sins and mistakes. So today’s post is a compilation of what I’d recommend if you’re new to skincare.

*My skin type: Combination skin. I break out from eating junk and dairy, neglecting my skin and having late sleeping schedules.

The Basics of Basics

The start of it all begins with three simple steps: cleanse, moisturise and protect. 


This step is necessary to get rid of the gunk, dirt, makeup and sunscreen on your face. My (proper) skincare journey started with double cleansing because I wore sunscreen and makeup regularly. But before that, I started with just a normal foam cleanser. 

Skincare Tip #1: If your skin feels dry after cleansing, that cleanser is not for you. Cleansers shouldn’t leave your skin feeling squeaky clean because that means your barriers were damaged. Try looking for a hydrating cleanser. 

Skincare Tip #2: This goes out to the people with oily skin or combination skin. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. Yes, I know it’s tempting to clean regularly so that you can get rid of the oily feeling. But if you damage your skin by drying it out, your skin is only going to produce more oil. 

Skincare Tip #3: Look for slightly acidic cleansers. Yes, your skin has a pH level and if you use cleansers with a high pH, you are going to damage your skin by disrupting the pH levels. (With that being said, the CosRX Low pH cleanser is probably going to be the first recommendation Google gives, but I am not a fan of that cleanser because it’s drying and broke me out every time I used it)

My recommendations: 

  1. Good Molecules Daily Rosewater Cleansing Gel
  2. Etude House Soon Jung pH 6.5 Whip Cleanser


Moisturising your skin really helps balance the extremes (i.e the dry and oily skin types). Balanced skin is happy skin. Personally, my skin can go both ways, so I know the repercussions of having overly dry skin and overly oily skin. 

Skincare Tip #4: There’s a difference between hydrating and moisturising products. I only learned this last year (whOops). So you’re probably thinking, “when do I use a hydrating product or a moisturising product?“. Hydrating products are usually more for dehydrated skin, and moisturising products are for dry skin. Hydrating products tend to be more watery, while moisturising products tend to be thicker and oily. 

I know…now you’re thinking “what’s the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?”. For me, I’ll usually rely on my instincts since I know my skin and it’s something that I can feel. But, this is a topic that I have fuzzy knowledge on so I’d recommend reading up more about it to cater your skin needs better. 

My recommendations: 

  1. iUNIK Centella Calming Gel
  2. Rooki Beauty Superfood Saviour Creme (pricey but good really works!)


If you’re going to skip this step, then maybe you shouldn’t do skincare at all. Jokes. As harsh as it sounds, all I’m trying to say is: Sunscreen is a crucial step for your skincare routine.  UV rays are more harmful than you think they are, so sunscreen is essential to help protect your skin. If you’re trying to brighten your skin tone or fade acne scars, all the more sunscreen is necessary for your skincare routine.

My recommendation:

  1. Anessa Super UV Skincare Gel. I’d recommend the gel version for combination/oily skin, and the milk version for dry skin. A word of caution is that the milk version is very oily. 

Do I need to add in more products?

The previous three steps I’ve stated are just the basics and my product recommendations are based on my skin’s needs. 

I strongly believe that everyone’s skin is different, so whether you incorporate more products depends on your skin concerns. For instance, if you’re struggling with breakouts, adding acne-targeted products would definitely help. If you’re looking to fade acne scars, there are also products for that.  

I hope this post sheds some light on how to begin your skincare joinery. Thanks for reading!

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A Must-Watch Series: Penthouse War In Life K-drama review

I don’t recall the last time I’ve been this invested in a Korean drama, but Penthouse: War in Life wins my favourite k-drama spot of 2020.


Penthouse is a suspense-filled drama revolving around the secrets of the wealthiest residents living in the exclusive 100-storey Hera building. To protect everything they have, they will do anything. This includes covering up their darkest secrets and plotting against one another. Meanwhile, Oh Yeon-Hee, a former opera singer, begins to seek her revenge after her daughter faces the same discrimination and abuse from inequality. However, their lives quickly become entangled after the gruesome death of Min Seol A in Hera. 

The Good

One of the biggest reasons I love this show: Cheon Seo Jin. If you’ve watched this show, you’d probably raise an eyebrow to that statement. 

I hate her, but I also love her. Despite being the despicable villain that she is, her role keeps the show going. Also, the fact that this was her first time acting as a villain amazes me. I’ve received a free ride on the emotional rollercoaster because of her acting. It’ll be a huge shame if she doesn’t receive an award. A shoutout to the stylist and makeup artist as well because Seo Jin’s outfits constantly reminded me of Disney villains.

But that’s not to say that she’s the only one who amazes me. I think overall the cast is excellent in portraying their roles, especially all the evil characters (which are a lot lol). The more you watch it, the more you discover how wicked certain characters are.Every character has a story to tell and almost everyone living in Hera has a despicable secret that will evoke the sense of justice in you

The Bad

Despite consistently leading in terms of ratings, the only minor l complaint I have is that plot started off pretty slow. 

I wasn’t particularly interested during the start, but it increasingly got better. Once Min Seol A  was murdered, it was like dangggg. Every episode is so intense and so many secrets are being revealed.


This show is definitely worth the watch.

There are so many scenes that will leave you on the edge of the seat. Every episode kept me invested, particularly episode 20 and 21 which were just released. My jaw literally dropped at several scenes because I wasn’t expecting the escalation of events that took place. So many questions ran through my head. I was left with “that’s it? that’s how they’re ending it now?”.

The show received such good viewership that it was extended and they are currently in the works of filming seasons two and three. My heart aches at the ending of season one, but I can’t wait to see how the story will continue to evolve, which characters will remain and whether justice will be served in the end. 

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Best of 2020: My Top Skincare Products + Skincare Tip

2020 *insert big sigh*. While the year wasn’t that great, I discovered find some skincare treasures during the lockdown season. 

Good Molecules Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel*

This cleanser was absolutely delightful and has won a regular spot for my second cleanse. 

The highlight of this product is how hydrating it is. Apart from that, it is a clear, refreshing gel that lathers lightly and gently cleanses my face. Formulated with pineapple extract, this multi-benefit cleanser helps to gently exfoliate the skin. Good Molecules has packaged this in a glass bottle to kickstart their sustainability initiative.

Initially, I was hesitant to try this out because I’m not a fan of rose-scented products. However, thank goodness that this does not have any rose scent to it. 

Iunik Centella Calming Gel

This product is not a newbie to me, but it snuck its way back into my skincare routine this year. 

My skin broke out badly during the early months of 2020, and I’d grab this to soothe my irritated skin. This translucent gel is loaded with Centella Asiatica to refresh and soothe irritated skin. 

I paired this up with the Stridex Salicylic Pads to prevent my skin from drying out. This brings me to my next 2020 favourite: The Stridex Daily Care Acne Pads.

Stridex Daily Care Acne Pads with Salicylic Acid

This was another skin-saver for me. For those suffering from maskne, I’d highly recommend this. 

Just after a few weeks of using these pads, my skin cleared up (check out my instastories). Salicylic Acid is a popular acne-reducing ingredient that gets deep into the skin to unclog pores and exfoliate the skin. If you’re lazy to exfoliate like me, this is great because it is highly convenient and hassle-free. 

This can be harsh for those new to acids, so I highly recommend starting slow.

CosRX Acne Patches

The Cosrx Acne Patches need no introduction. These are great for pimples, especially for those that are ready to be popped. I’ve restocked this plenty of times this year. But, the only thing I wish could be improved is the price *cries in broke*.

Skincare Tip

This year I switched to minimal skincare routines. My skin type changed a lot over the years from excessively trying out new products. I found myself breaking out often until I finally pushed the pause button. While I continue to test new products every now and then, I will always give my skin a break and switch back to these four products mentioned. 

Thanks for reading.

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**Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Good Molecules and I do earn a small commission if you click my link. However, opinions stated my own. 

Battle of the Blushers: Clinique Cheek Pop vs Milani Baked Blush

As a self-proclaimed blush aficionado, I constantly hunt for a good blush. I’ve tried and tested numerous blushes in the past three years, allowing me to discover the good and the bad, what I like and what I dislike. 

What I look for in a blush: easily blendable, pigmented and affordable. I often go for peachy and pink hues, while there are times when I like to venture by trying unique shades.

Today, I’m comparing two blushes: a drugstore blush and a premium blush. For the drugstore blush, we have the Milani Baked Blush. Meanwhile, I’m labelling the Clinique Cheek Pop as a premium blush since it’s not necessarily a luxury brand, but it is more on the price-y side. 

About the blushes:

Milani Cosmetics is a U.S. cruelty-free brand known for delivering quality products at an affordable price. I first started using the Milani Baked blush in 2017 and I’ve never regretted my purchase. In fact, my collection expanded over the years. 


While Clinique is known mostly for their skincare, the Clinique Cheek Pop is an iconic blush amongst makeup enthusiasts. Clinique prides itself in using safe, effective and sustainable ingredients for happy skin. 



The Clinique Cheek Pop is instantly recognisable for its flower design that comes in a sturdy transparent case. I remember how badly I wanted this blush because I was in love with how pretty it looks. However, if you think about it, the design will eventually disappear. Plus, I broke one of the two that I have, and it doesn’t seem that special to me anymore

The Milani Baked Blush is just a classic dome-shaped blush that comes in a gold casing that allows you to peek into the actual shade. Its case is bulkier than the Clinique Cheek Pop because it includes a mini mirror and brush in a separate section. The imprinted name never lasts for me, and packaging often peels because I usually bring this blush out. 

Verdict: The Clinique Cheek Pop wins this round. 


The Clinique Cheek Pop creates a gentle, buildable blush look. The first few swatches are usually light and sheer. The Milani Baked Blush instantly brings colour to the cheeks even with a light hand. 

I tested these blushers side-by-side for two consecutive days and was pretty surprised by the results. Even after a full day under the sun with a mask, these blushers performed really well. 

Verdict: For me, the Milani Baked Blush is a sure win in this round. 


Milani is available in Watsons stores and I’ll usually find online retailers. On average, the Milani Baked Blush usually retails from SGD13-17.35. However, depending on where you purchase, the shade range varies. 

On the other hand, the Clinique Cheek Pop is SGD$40 in Sephora. Ouch for my wallet. But, I managed to snag these at an offer last year because I bought them at duty-free.

Verdict: My wallet prefers the Milani Baked Blush.


The first two ingredients for the Milani Baked Blush are mica and talc. On the other hand, The Clinique Cheek Pop utilises cleaner and safer ingredients. 


Personally, the Milani Baked Blush is my winner because it hits my criteria for what I look in a blush. 


  1. Milani is more affordable and pigmented.
  2. Both blushers are equally long-lasting.
  3. Clinique uses cleaner and safer ingredients.

Thanks for reading.

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Fight or Flight: Netflix Sweet Home K-Drama Review

I’ve been scrolling through Tik Tok recently and someone posted a snippet of the new 10 episode Netflix Series: Sweet Home. Through those few seconds, my interest was piqued as it looked like a Korean version of Stranger Things. I’ve avoided adding any spoilers, so this review is just a general review of the show. 


Adapted from the 2018 webtoon series written by Kim Kan-bi and Kwang Young-chan, Sweet Home delivers a blood-filled horror series that will trigger your fight-or-flight senses. 

A reclused high school student, Hyun Su, moves to a dilapidated apartment after the loss of his family. He spends his days contemplating suicide and playing video games in his room. However, his isolated lifestyle gets disrupted when his neighbours begin to exhibit strange behaviours. These behaviours quickly surfaced as trending topics on the internet unravelling the outbreak of a new infection, where people turn into monsters according to their desires. 

The Good

This show triggered my fight-or-flight senses especially since we’re in a pandemic. I lowkey wanted to start packing emergency essentials in case a monster outbreak happens. 

I’ve never read the webtoon, so I have no clue how closely they’ve followed the original plot. But, I really liked the story. This show made me contemplate about life, and I wondered what monster I would be if my desires were shown.

Each episode had me on the edge of the seat wondering who will survive and what monsters they would encounter next. Several fight scenes were pretty intense and gory. In case you’re afraid of blood, you might want to skip this because there is a lot of blood in this show. 

The diverse characters and their backstories were enjoyable, even though there were characters I downright hated. I really loved Pyeong Sang-Wook, especially in episode one when he encounters the first monster and Seo Yi Kyung. Talk about major badass. 

The Bad

I wasn’t a fan of how fake the monsters looked. Though I know it is CGI, the unrealistic look of some monsters kind of ruined it for me.

Explanation about the monsters would have been great. The desires of some of the monsters were easily interpreted, while I was clueless for others.


Altogether, this show is worth the watch and I’d recommend adding it to your K-drama list.  Each episode left me wanting more. I loved the cliffhanger they gave at the ending which made me excited to wait for season two.

Thanks for reading.

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Clear Start Micro Pore Mist Review

Small Pores, Big Mood. Today, let’s talk about the Clear Start Micro Pore Mist

Clear Start was created by Dermalogica to target breakouts, blackheads and shine. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I spend an awful amount of time analysing my pores, especially those around my nose. While I wished my pores would disappear, the fact is that pores can’t be removed. But, with the right products, their appearance can be reduced by making the pores smaller. 

Here’s where the Clear Start Micro-Pore Mist comes in. 

What it is: 

A toner that minimises the appearance of pores and reduces oil production. Formulated with Niacinamide (5%), Witch Hazel, Green Tea, Matricaria Flower and to refreshingly brighten the skin and tighten pores. Any product with Niacinamide I’ll instantly love, though I got to admit I’m not a fan of Witch Hazel. 

I love that it comes in a spray bottle because if you’re lazy like me, mists are so quick and easy. 

But… I’m sorry, this product is not for me. 

I found the scent dreadful. Personally, I’m quite sensitive to scents, and this mist smells like cucumbers gone wrong. The smell of cucumbers was definitely present, but it was always accompanied by a musty scent. The combination of those two don’t go well together. 

But, of course, scents are subjective. I’ve seen one or two reviews praising the scent, but many seem to exclude their description of the scent.

Despite hating the scent, I decided put that aside to review this product. The mist is gentle on the skin and is suitable as a daily toner. 

The product itself was hydrating, and indeed refreshing as many others claim. I could feel my skin tightening slightly upon application. When the mist is absorbed, there was this mattifying look and feel. Plus, my face became less oily. 

Would I recommend this mist? 

If you’re looking for a gentle daily toner, then I would say go for it. But it’s not a necessity. The only thing I’m hesitant about is the smell. So I’d also recommend getting a sample if possible to see if you’re a fan of the scent.

Thanks for reading ~

*This was gifted but opinions stated are my own.

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A Kinder Beauty: ESQA and Pür Cosmetics Review

A Kinder Beauty is an online retailer that promotes vegan, cruelty-free, fuss-free and innovative beauty brands and products. They emphasise on simple and transparent beauty that gives customers instant confidence about the products they use. 

For Christmas, A Kinder Beauty is hosting 12 days of Christmas deals. They have also collaborated with Singapore Children Society, where all sales from the tote bags and 2% of net sales will be donated to SCS.

I’m really thankful for this PR because I managed to discover these lovely brands. Let’s dive right in: 

ESQA Goddess Eyeshadow Palette (Peach)

From the packaging to the eyeshadow shades, this palette has been absolutely lovely. 

ESQA is an Indonesian makeup brand launched in 2016 by two best friends. ESQA is halal-certified and has been branded as the first and leading vegan cosmetics brand in Indonesia. 

The Peach Goddess Palette is a 9-pan palette that includes mattes, shimmer, satin and pearl-pressed shades. The powders were smooth and creamy, especially for the pearl pressed shade.

These shadows are pigmented and long-lasting. To make my eyeshadow , I’ll usually apply a base by using any excess foundation or concealer. With this combination, my eyeshadow look lasts through an entire day out under the sun. Moreover, my friends were complimenting the eyeshadow look that I had. 

Pür 4-in-1 Lip Duo

One lipstick, four different looks. This dual-ended lip product includes matte lip stain on one end and a nourishing lip oil on the other. 

Pür (US brand) brands itself as the 100% cruelty-free, environmentally responsible complexion authority. Through their mineral makeup, formulated with skin-benefitting ingredients, Pür emphasises on producing “makeup with a purpose”.

The shade newlywed is gorgeous and it’s a shade I’d go for on a daily look.

The scent of the matte finish seemed to have a hint of vanilla (which I found delightful). Though I’m not usually a fan of matte lipsticks, this lipstick was really comfortable on the lips. Having the lip oil readily accessible on the other end is also useful. The lip oil nourishes the lips with ingredients like agave, sunflower, jojoba and cranberry oils. 

Pür Fully Charged Mascara

When I first saw this mascara, the name “fully charged” piqued my interest. Honestly, I thought that it was some magnetic mascara or something like that. Indeed, it is formulated with their own innovative Magnetic Technology that “wraps a positively charged electric veil to instantly lift each lash”.

This mascara is infused with skincare ingredients which strengthen, thicken and lengthen each lash. Not only that, this mascara nourishes the eyelash to prevent lash loss. 

The smooth matte black packaging instantly caught my attention, though it is slightly bulky. I wasn’t a fan of the chemical smell the mascara had, but the mascara worked really well. It was a smooth application with no clumping and visible lengthening.

Personally, I look for mascaras that can last through Singapore’s weather, with no (or little) smudging. This mascara lasted for hours but eventually smudged. If you’re someone who wants a mascara that lasts for a few hours and has fuss-free removal, then this mascara is for you.

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The Ultimate Mask Kit You Need To Try : Abib Masks Review

I know I’m not the only one who likes to give my skin some TLC with a sheet mask. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to give our skin the pamper session it needs.

Today, I’ll be sharing my top picks from the Abib Mask Kit which they released this year. 

The brand:

Abib: the first moon. 

Launched in 2016, this Korean skincare brand strives for balanced products that are skin safe and effective.

The Assorted Mask Kitcomes with eight masks (30ml each) and a free canvas pouch. This kit features some of their best sellers, which won the Olive Young Beauty Awards in 2019. In this kit, you’ll find their gummy sheet series and mildly acidic pH sheet masks. 
The gummy sheetsadhere well to the skin and deliver deep nourishment for a revitalised finish. 

The mildly acidic pH sheets helps to balance the skin’s pH levels. When I first started my K-beauty regime, I was clueless about the importance of pH levels. However, pH levels are crucial to ensure that the skin doesn’t get damaged or irritated. Moreover, when products have skin-friendly pH levels, this improves cell turnover. 

Honey Fit Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask

*Use after cleansing and toner. This helps your skin to absorb the essence better. 

If your skin needs a quick pick-me-up, this mask is for you. This mask instantly soothed and hydrated my skin, which lasted throughout the day. 

I was instantly drawn to the Honey Fit mask when I first laid my eyes on it. Even my friend loved the packaging.

Saturated with natural extracts, this mask promises nourish and replenish the skin. The mask itself was loaded with essence and its scent reminded me of honey and turmeric. Even after 20 minutes, the mask was still full of essence. While the mask is loaded, it doesn’t drip at all, keeping it hassle-free.

The texture of this mask is noticeably different from average sheet masks. It doesn’t feel like a cheap quality mask. The sheet mask is comfortable, slightly thick and heavy on the skin. Moreover, it holds onto the skin well, which I appreciate because I hate readjusting the mask.

I’d really recommend this mask to people with tired and stressed skin. 

Gummy Sheet Mask Heartleaf Sticker

The gummy sheet masks intrigued me. The thin, smooth and silky texture of the mask reminds me of tofu skin. 

Heartleaf soothes inflamed skin, redness and helps to reduce breakouts. The mask is refreshing and hydrating, great for a quick pamper session after a long day.  

Just like the Mildly Acidic Masks, this mask was soaked with essence. The size of this mask seemed to fit my face better, leaving little excess. However, though it claims to adhere better to the skin, I found myself adjusting the mask numerous times. 

A quick overview of their masks 

Abib will be running up to 40% discounts on their official Shopee site until 14 December. For an additional 10% off, use “ABIBMS10” when you check out!
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