iUNIK Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam Review

I am so late with this post and I apologize about that. I meant to do a review on this straight after the iUNIK Centella Gel review, which was in June (also, that’s like my most read post so far woah). But I was finishing another cleanser I had and when I finally tried this cleanser out myself, I had exams after exams and more importantly, a national exam (cough A levels).

But better late than never. So let’s get started. 

If you’ve read several of my posts before, you know that I am an ardent fan of Centella Asiatica. Centella Asiatica (aka Gotu Kola) is a herb that treats bacterial infections. In many skincare products, it helps fight skin inflammation, which is beneficial for acne prone skin. Plus, it revitalizes the skin’s barrier and serves as an anti-oxidant.

So you could probably tell, I was really excited to try out this product since I really love Centella as a skincare ingredient.

About This Cleanser:

This is a mildly acidic foaming cleanser for all skin types. It comes in a simply designed plastic pump bottle and contains 150ml of product.

Taken from iUNIK website

This cleanser contains 69% of Centella Asiatica leaf water. Other notable ingredients include Tea Tree leaf water, Allantoin, Oryza Sativa Bran Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Ormenis Multicaulis Oil and Trehalose.

Taken from Skincarisma.com

About iUNIK:

iUNIK is a Korean brand that prides itself on using only hypoallergenic ingredients for all its products. The main thing that they promote is minimalism in skincare. Their products come in simple and clean packaging, with a reasonable price for the amount of product.

Generally, iUNIK’s products are all in an affordable range and they often have 1+1 promos on their website. They also offer international shipping.


It has a really subtle, sweet scent. It smells really similar to the tea tree relief toner if you’ve tried that out before. It’s an easy cleanser to use, there’s no hassle with it. Since it comes in a pump bottle, it comes out as a foam so you don’t need to foam it up yourself.

I am a firm believer in double cleansing, especially when I’m wearing makeup and sunscreen during the day. I usually use this after using an oil cleanser to remove my makeup, so it’s usually the last product I use for cleansing. 

Its ingredients are EWG safe for the skin. It is a gentle cleanser on the skin and it does not feel like it’s stripping the moisture from my skin. It does not cause irritation on my skin when I use it and I always feel like my skin is clean, without the super squeaky clean feeling. It does state that it is pH balancing, since it is mildly acidic, which is good for your skin since the skin on our face is ideally slightly acidic.

But, it does contain citric acid which may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Personally, I have not broken out from using this for several months (but do note, I don’t really have sensitive skin). 

This is a 150ml bottle, which is sold for US$17.99 on iUNIK’s main website. For those in Singapore, this cleanser is available on Shopee.sg and it’s sold for SGD$19.90. Or alternatively, Qoo10 also sells this. I personally think that it’s one of the more affordable cleansers that you should try out.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope this was useful.

Till the next post.

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iUNIK website: https://www.unique4u.net/store/p1932/%5BiUNIK%5D_Centella_Bubble_Cleansing_Foam_150ml.html




Etude House x Disney: Color In Liquid Lips Air Mousse Review

Before we start, I have a question. Why do so many Korean brands love giving their products such long names? Like it could have just been named “Air Mousse Lip Tints” but nah, they had to call it the “Color in Liquid Lips Air Mousse”.

Today, I’m reviewing the Happy with Piglet Color In Liquid Lips Air Mousse, which was released in Etude House’s recent collaboration with Disney Winnie the Pooh. Prior to this, Etude House had already released a “Color in Liquid Lips Mousse” in 2017, which had 6 shades. Yea, so there’s a difference in the name because for this collection the word “air” was added in.

For the Happy with Piglet Collection, 3 lip tint shades were released. Two of them are packaged like Piglet, while one of them was Winnie the Pooh. The two piglet designed lip tints are pink lip tints (OR201 and OR202), while the Winnie the Pooh designed one is a red lip tint (RD301). 

Taken from Pamper.My

It claims that the air mousse tint gently blends with its feather-light texture and provides a silky finish.  I got myself the shade OR202, which is called “Hug and Love!. I honestly wanted to get the Winnie the Pooh lip tint, but I decided to get the Piglet one since Piglet is supposed to be the star of this collection.

When I first swatched the shade OR201 in the store on my hand, I found it too bright for me. The salesperson probably saw the look on my face and she asked me to try out OR202 instead because it has a warmer tone.

My Thoughts:

When I swatched this, I really thought the colour was really pretty. I have a thing for coral shades and this was a coral shade with a pink undertone to it. This is definitely not an MLBB shade. I think that it is quite bright and slightly in-your-face.

This lip tint does apply smoothly and easily. When I applied it on my lips, I feel like it feels different from other lip tints that I’ve used before. It kind of feels like jelly.

On my lips, it feels really lightweight and “airy”, which is probably why it’s called “air mousse”. This is actually quite moisturizing on the lips and really non-drying at all. I haven’t tried the original Color in Liquid Lips Mousse before so I can’t compare the two. But, this did transfer slightly when I drank water after applying it. Also, it does have a strawberry scent, which is only noticeable when you’re trying to smell it.

Shade 0R202 Hug and Love! Piglet

One thing to note, after taking the picture for the swatch on my hand, I tried doing a smudge test. This was 20 minutes after swatching and it did smudge a bit. Also, if you compare the two, the colour started to fade after 20 minutes. I was a little bit surprised to see that change but yes, this does leave a stain.

This is retailing for SGD$17.90, for 3.3g of product, which is like $1 cheaper than the Jelly Mousse Blusher. I think the packaging is super adorable. The ears really added an extra level of cuteness.

If I had one thing to complain about this collection, it would be the shade range. I was honestly underwhelmed when I saw that there were only 3 lip tint shades. Though this collection is going to be here for a limited time, I would have appreciated more shades to choose from. I was really hoping for an MLBB shade because between shades OR201 and OR202, they are quite bright and I don’t usually opt for bright shades. Plus, they had like 5 blushers and 10 eyeshadows released in this collection. So, I don’t really think that there’s a reason for the limited lip tint shades available.

That’s all for today’s review, thank you for reading.

Till the next post.

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Lip Tint Shades from Pamper.My


My First Pixi Palette & Why it’s Probably My Last: Pixi 5th Beauty Kit Review

Obviously, from the title, you can probably tell I’m high key salty. Because I am. I have been trying to look on the positive side when it comes to this palette. But each time I open it, my patience starts drawing thin. 

This is the first Pixi palette I’ve ever owned and it is probably the last I’ll ever get from Pixi. 

[Swatches are below just in case you want to skip my rant]

I have been wanting this palette ever since I saw it from a Mongabong and Ryanraroar’s Instagram story during a Pixi launch event. When it finally launched in Sephora, I went to four Sephora outlets but I could never find it. On the Sephorasg’s Instagram, they stated it’s available online, in-app and in stores. But, I really could not find it at all and I could only find their skincare sets.

So, I asked my sister to get me this palette for Christmas and she ordered it online together with other makeup. We wanted to get it on 12.12, but when she finally checked out, the Pixi palette was out of stock. It was the next day when she saw that there was one palette left, so I got the last palette available. 

Of course, before deciding on this palette, I read some reviews and I even watched reviews on Youtube. Most people were praising it, saying that it was pigmented. One person, however, did mention that one of the pans were broken. And I was thinking, that’s okay,  it’s only one person plus only one shade broke. I really liked how it looked and these are the shades I would use frequently. With the 10% sale that was going on, the price of the palette dropped from SGD$51 to SGD$45+. So obviously I wanted to try it out since I haven’t tried Pixi’s makeup before. Like dude, I was really excited for this palette.

Taken from the Sephora App

But when I opened it on Christmas, WOW I was speechless. It wasn’t only one shade that broke, but THREE. There was a fourth shade on the verge of breaking apart too, which was on the bottom right. I spent my time fixing these shades with alcohol. But, I wasn’t upset then. Nope, I was not gonna let a palette ruin the mood.

Two days later, I checked back on the palette but this time, I accidentally dropped it, when it was still in the box. The fourth shade that was about to break before, broke. Then I fixed it again but I didn’t use alcohol this time, I just packed it in and it worked. 

Today (like 3 days later), I opened it, and all my patience just went away. A fifth pan was slightly broken. I did not do anything to it before opening it. I left it all alone in a huge Sephora box and opened it. This shade was fine all along, but all of the sudden it was slightly broken and so I got annoyed. It looks like a small damage, but I don’t consider it “small” anymore considering 4 other shades broke.

I feel like each time I open it, it’s like guessing game, like hey “which shade is going to be broken today, let’s find out”. So obviously, I’m salty af.

Now hear me out. Sure, most of the shades in the palette are pigmented, I’m not denying that. In fact, I thought the shades were freaking stunning, especially the broken ones. Although, I did feel that the matte shades could have been better in terms of pigmentation because the shimmer shades were on point.

But don’t deny it, there are other brands can offer the same pigmentation with a better formulation.Why should I spend $45 or even $51, for a palette that can’t stay intact? Tarte also sells a holiday collection palette that costs around $45 (when it’s closer to Christmas) and Tarte has never disappointed me. In fact, Tarte’s holiday collection set was one of my makeup favourites. Yea Pixi’s cruelty-free, but so is Tarte. Furthermore, I could have even tried out different brands that I haven’t tried before, like Zoeva.

For the matte shades, there were quite a number of brown shades. I think out of the 20 matte shades, there were roughly 11 brown shades. The only differences were whether they were cool tone or warm tone and whether they were light or dark brown. One shade that was somewhat more unique than the others was the orange shade. This palette is definitely for more neutral looks, which I’m not complaining about because these are shades I use quite often.

First 8 shades

The middle section contains the bronzers, blushers and highlighters that are multi-use. The broken blush shade was actually one of the shades I thought was freaking gorgeous.

Bronzers(Top), Blushers (Middle), Highlighters (Bottom)

The right-most section of this palette is where all the shimmer shades are at. These are so much more pigmented than the other shades and they apply much smoother than the matte shades. Like the first shade was like oomf. But, there were a few shades that looked really similar to each other.

First 8 shades 

But anyway, I’m still going to use this palette, obviously I’m not gonna let my sister’s money go to waste. 

I’m just annoyed because broken makeup pisses me off the most. Plus, I need to clean it up everytime I open it. Also, I noticed that only the shimmer shades broke, but all the mattes were fine. I still think that it was a terrible first impression, which is enough to make me avoid buying more makeup from Pixi in the future. 

Like no, thank you, next.

Anyways, thank you for reading.

I’m sorry it sounded quite negative. I haven’t felt this angry about makeup since my first colorpop experience lol.

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Gifs were taken from https: media.giphy.com

Etude House x Disney : Happy With Piglet Jelly Mousse Blusher Review

So in late December 2018, Etude House and Innisfree both announced their new launches that were going to be released in 1st January of 2019. It was funny to me how their new launches were both collaborations with Disney and how they were going to be released on the same day. The Happy with Piglet is a part of their new year collection, especially since 2019 is the year of the pig based on the Chinese Zodiac.

I bought this immediately when it came out and I did some damage to my wallet. Yes, I bought from both Innisfree and Etude House. But I bought more stuff from Etude House, so I decided to start on this first.

The Happy With Piglet Collection includes new blushers, lip products, eyeshadows, a new face blur liquid and some other stuff. But the items that I was eyeing were the Jelly Mousse Blusher and Liquid Lips Air Mousse. For those reading for the prices, I’ll be listing them down below.

I ended up with three items because the salesgirls in the outlet I went to were really friendly and persuasive. Btw, I really liked how friendly they were because I think they are the friendliest Etude House salesperson I’ve met before and I’ve been to quite a number of Etude House branches here. And actually, they were having a promotion where you get 15% off for 2 or 3 items from this collection. If you buy three, you’ll get the piglet pouch.

Happy With Piglet Jelly Mousse Blusher

On the box, it claims that “the cushiony jelly mousse blush that makes cheeks express milky-white, and lovely as like Piglet.”So I actually have no clue what does that even mean lol. I didn’t get the “express milky-white part”. Someone explain to me, please.

Taken from Pamper.My
Taken from Pamper.My
Taken from Pamper.My

There are five shades in this collection, where 4 of them comes in a Piglet design and only one is shaped like Winnie the Pooh. I got myself the one in Winnie the Pooh packaging and the shade is RD301, which actually looks like a really intense red.


Although the shade looks really intense in the pot, it’s actually quite sheer when applied.It doesn’t have any fragrance to it. I don’t think I’ve seen a shade that look

s this red from their other blushers. This is actually like a reddish but coral shade that’s buildable, so it doesn’t look super intense. But if you really like intense blushers, you can definitely build it up to the shade that you like. Also, after taking the swatch shot, I actually went to wash my hands and it didn’t budge. I do think this should stay on for some time, especially in Singapore’s super hot and sunny weather. 

The texture kind of reminds me of their cream blushers from their Berry Delicious Collection. It’s quite easy to apply and spread. There’s a piglet brush that also came out and it’s meant for this blusher, but I didn’t get it because I didn’t really feel like getting it.

For people outside of Singapore and Malaysia, I do not know whether this collection will be available on their physical stores anytime soon. Also, for those who are in Singapore, I keep seeing that these are limited so I don’t know how long they will be available for.

This blusher is retailing for SGD$18.90, which is a little pricey compared to their other blushers like the Lovely Cookie Blusher which is SGD12.90 in stores. I think that the Winnie the Pooh blusher is more unique compared to the other shades because the others have a similar shade to those that are in the Cookie Blusher range. But if you’re paying for the packaging and you don’t mind the price, then you do you. Do whatever makes you happy.

Anyways, here are the prices for their products:

Jelly Mousse Blusher: SGD$18.90

Color in Liquid Lips Air Mousse: SGD$17.90

Look at My Eyes (Matte): SGD7.90

Look at My Eyes Jewel: SGD11.90

Eyeshadow Empty Palette: SGD9.90

Cushion Case: SGD12.00

Face Liquid Blur: SGD27.90

Blusher Brush: SGD12.90

Eyeshadow Brush: SGD8.90

Soft Cream Puff: SGD10.90

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful.

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Shades for Blusher were taken from: http://www.pamper.my/news/beauty/newin-etude-house-x-disney-happy-piglet-collection/

Etude House Soon Jung Moist Relief All-In-One Gel Review | Take My Money

I’ve been raving about this gel in several blog posts and Instagram posts, and I realized I have never given a review on it. This was one of my Skincare Favourites in 2018 and today I’m going to share why. 

This gel came out last year and I got it around early September. Around this time, I was really focused on hydrating and soothing products because my skin got really irritated from going to school. I know I keep blaming my school for my breakouts, but I can’t help it if it is true. My classroom was always so dirty, no one swept the floors ( I had to sweep it when I couldn’t take it any longer) and there was always dust everywhere, particularly the tables.

Anyways, back to the gel. I didn’t know about this product until I saw it one day at the Etude House shop. This caught my attention, especially because I love the Etude House Soon Jung Skincare Series.

About the Soon Jung Series:

The Soon Jung Skincare line is specially formulated for people with sensitive skin. The products in this line are free from ingredients that will irritate the skin, such as fragrance and alcohol. If you’re looking for products that have a minimal ingredients list, I would recommend the Soon Jung Skincare line, especially the Soon Jung Relief Toner (which btw has a 100% safe EWG rating).

Notable ingredients that are present in most products from this line are Panthenol and Madecassoside.

About The Gel:

From the Etude House website, it claims to be a moisturizing and soothing multi-purpose gel for tired skin and skin irritation. Like the other Soon Jung products, this gel contains panthenol and Madecassoside. 

Panthenol is used to quickly repair the skin, reduce itching and inflammation. Panthenol also increases the skin’s elasticity plus it is highly moisturizing.

Madecassoside is derived from Centella Asiatica, one of the most popular skincare ingredients I’ve seen so far. Madecassoside also has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Madecassoside also has anti-oxidant properties and also increases the skin’s barrier. 

TLDR? These key ingredients will help to repair and heal your skin faster.


I usually use it at night after cleansing and toner, or just on its own when I’m lazy. On mornings where my skin seems particularly irritated, I would use this before sunscreen or applying makeup.

It is quite similar to aloe vera, in terms of texture. It looks a bit like jelly, but more it’s also almost like liquid. But, it feels more refreshing and cool on the skin compared to aloe vera.

It comes in a squeezy tube bottle and when it comes out, it’s chunky but applies really smoothly. It feels lightweight, plus there is no sticky or tacky feeling after being fully absorbed into the skin. I do think this would be suitable for people with dry skin, because it really feels like a liquid when applied although it’s in gel form.

I think that this gel is really soothing and it can work well as a moisturizer for both day and night use. It is colourless, so it doesn’t leave any white cast which is why I feel it’s suitable for daytime usage. Plus, it’s not oily in any way. There’s also no scent to it and no fragrance involved in its ingredients.

This retails for SGD$18 for a 120ml bottle, which I personally think it’s quite affordable compared to many other gels. Plus, there are so many Etude House shops around here, it’s generally quite accessible. 

If it’s a little pricey, I know Shopee.sg is selling it at a slightly lower price, sometimes there are even offers. I’ve never used the Shopee website before, so I don’t know how fast you can get it and how authentic the product is. For those residing elsewhere, someone tlold me  RoseRoseShop is selling it for $10, but I haven’t tried out that website either.

I would recommend it and I’ve also read other reviews praising this gel.I do think that it is “Take My Money” worthy. 

That’s all for my review, I hope it was useful.

Thanks for reading.

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My 2018 Skincare Favourites

I still can’t believe it’s so close to being 2019. This year I had a few breakouts, all triggered by going school (cause it’s dirty, especially the tables) and exam stress. Here’s part 4, the final part, of my 2018 Favourites and I’m going to be sharing my skincare favourites.

Etude House Soon Jung Moist Relief All In One Gel

This gel came out recently and I got it around September. I think around this time I was really focused on hydrating and soothing products. This really caught my attention when I was shopping in Etude House, so I got it. I really love the Soon Jung line from Etude House in general and I like this gel a lot because it’s a quick fix to any skin irritation that I have.

It is quite similar to aloe vera, in terms of texture.  It comes in a squeezy tube bottle and when it comes out, it’s chunky but applies really smoothly. If you’re new to the Soon Jung Skincare Series, it’s basically catered to sensitive skin. I think that this gel is really soothing and it can work well as a moisturizer for both day and night use.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

When I first got this, I was really intimidated by it because it looks scary. A lot of people, especially my oldest sister, were telling me about some of the precautions I need to take when I want to use this. 

There is definitely a lot of precautions that should be taken when using this product because it is highly acidic. But, even though it is scary, I have grown to like this a lot. I love to use this for spot treatments and especially in dealing with the bumpy textures on my forehead.

This is a 10 Minute Exfoliating Facial with I use this when I want to target specific pimples and trouble areas. I know others will apply it to their whole face, but I personally do not do that. I usually leave it on for 8 minutes using a timer and you should not leave it on for more than 10 minutes. It really helped me when I had sudden pimples and I would use this and follow up with a pimple patch.

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

This was really one of my favourite masks this year, especially when dealing with breakouts. My sister used to buy the samples which were $5 for 10ml so that she could try out the different types available. 

I really liked using this mask whenever I broke out. I would apply it over zits and it really did wonders. It was one of my go-to spot treatments. But, I stopped using it because I ran out of it and I’m unable to find the 10ml sample in Sephora anymore. I’m still contemplating if I should just get the full sized bottle, which is $50 for 100ml.

Heimish Hydrogel Patches

I’ve tried different eye products and this is one of my favourite eye patches so far. It feels really great on the skin and it is super refreshing. I love how it makes the area under my eyes much brighter after using it. 

Innisfree Black Green Tea Mask 

The first time I tried the Black Green Tea Mask, it actually belonged to my mum but she forgot about it and stopped using it. That’s why I started using it. (If I didn’t use it, it would have just been left there until it expired, so don’t judge me).

So actually, before September this year, I did not really use any of the Innisfree Green Tea series products. When I tried the samples a few years back, my skin felt like it was burning and I would break out afterwards. But I did a patch test of this Innisfree Black Green Tea mask and because I didn’t have any negative reactions I decided to give it a try.

This mask contains “55% black green tea made of pesticide-free Jeju Green Tea leaves.” It is actually an anti-ageing mask, and although I don’t really need to focus on anti-ageing now, I really like this mask. But even though I say that, I don’t know why but I feel conscious of how old I look nowadays, especially after watching SKII advertisements. I’m talking about those SKII commercials where they test how old your skin really is and I keep wondering how old my skin really is now even though I’m 19. I remember telling my sister that when I’m 40, I want to look like I’m 20. 

Anyways, back to the mask. It’s super easy to apply and there are little bits of green tea leaves in it. It has a scent though which I’ve gotten used to. It soothes my skin every time I use it and I feel like my overall complexion has improved so far after I’ve used this. My skin looks brighter after using it and also my skin hasn’t had a break out since I started using this. I usually like to leave it on for a really long time while I do my work, although the recommended usage is to leave it on for 10-15mins.

Oxy Acne Patches

I used a lot of these patches this year. I really like them because they work well in getting the gunk out of my pimples. I recommended them to my friend, who had a really stubborn pimple, and she really liked using these as well because it worked for her.  I used to wear this in school because I don’t really care if people can see it. What mattered to me more was for my skin to recover quickly.

Silcot Cotton Pad

I know it’s a little bit weird to be including cotton pads, but these are my favourite cotton pads I’ve ever used. I also think that the type of cotton pads used are important when applying your skincare products. 

These are my favourite cotton pads because I feel like they are wayyyyy softer than normal cotton pads. These are really gentle on my skin and these soak up really easily, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting any product.

And that’s it, these are my skincare favourites of 2018.

Thanks for reading.

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My 2018 Makeup Favourites

Why has this year gone by so fast *sobs*. I can’t believe its almost 2019. This year went by like a bullet train, but it was also quite eventful for me.  

As the year is coming close to an end, I’ve managed to make a list of some of my favourites. I have tried out quite a number of new beauty products this year and some have definitely made life a little better. I have a 2018 Skincare Favourites coming up next,but since my makeup favourites have a shorter list, here’s my 2018 Makeup Favourites first:

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink

Shade: 07

Price: SGD$15

This lip tint was released as part of Innisfree’s spring collection. I bought this lip tint in October and I’ve been really liking it ever since. It is quite creamy and it applies really smoothly, giving a matte finish

It’s not really long-lasting, normally I have to reapply after eating, but most lipsticks I use don’t last through meals. I really love the shade I got, which is the shade 07. I think it passes off as a good MLBB shade. These have a good color payoff and they stain my lips though they don’t last long for me. Innisfree also recently came out with a Autumn Maple Collection and I’m eyeing shade 14.

Taken from Innisfree.com

BLK Cosmetics Velvet Lip Cream

Shades: Refined and Classy

Price: PHP 299

This was another one of my favourite lip products this year. I really love the shades that I got which were classy and refined. I find these as good MLBB shades as well. Out of the two, I prefer Classy, although the two that I own have a very similar shade.

These feels really creamy when applied and I think they are quite moisturizing on the lips. I definitely want to get more, especially because they came up with a number of new products this year. 

Taken from Blkcosmetics.com.ph

Tarte 2017 Treasure Box Collector’s Set

This was a Christmas gift from my sister last year and this has been one of my go-to for makeup. This was also the first tarte product I’ve ever used and I fell in love with it.

The Treasure Box Collector Set was one of the many holiday collection released by Tarte. It has almost everything you need for a full makeup look. My second sister also kept using this palette,which irritated me because of hygiene. But luckily, I haven’t had any eye infections, cause if I did I would definitely blame her lol. 

It has eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes, bronzers, an eyeliner, mascara and a mini Tarte lip paint. There are 24 Amazonian Clay eyeshadow shades, which is a mixture of both mattes and shimmer shades. I don’t really use the dark shades and I use the neutral and shimmer shades the most. Everything is definitely pigmented and I love using the highlighter the most.

They came up with another holiday set, which looks really similar to the one I have, just in different packaging. The one that’s available in Singapore’s Sephora is the Pineapple of My Eye Collector’s Set, but they also released a Sweet Escape Collector’s Set that’s not available here.  This year’s collection is slightly more expensive because of the fancier packaging, especially because this year’s collections come in a metal packaging.

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner


Price: sorry I can’t remember

I got this eyeliner in January this year and it has been my go-to eyeliner the entire year. It is running out soon and I’m sad about that, but I bought a new eyeliner from Etude House which I’m going to try out next. 

I really like brush liners and I think it’s definitely one of the better affordable drugstore eyeliners. I bought this in Malaysia and Sasa was having an offer so I decided to grab it. This should also be available in Guardian or Watsons.  

I don’t really have a lot of makeup favourites this year, especially since most of the products I needed were in the Tarte Holiday collection. These were the products that I frequently reached for and I didn’t really see myself reaching out for others, so it’s quite a short list.

But anyways, these are my makeup favourites of 2018.

Thanks for reading.

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